DAMA China 将参与并主办COINFO分会论坛

为配合本届COINFO 2013 会议主题大数据时代的科技信息资源共享”,DAMA China 将举办数据共享的基本科学原理和技术现状论坛的专题研讨分论坛。


Welcome to the 8th International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology (COINFO 2013). In collaboration with the conference’s main theme – “Sharing of Information Resources in the Era of Big Data", DAMA China will host a seminar on “Understanding the scientific basics of data Sharing and the current state of technologies Forum


China是注册在中国电子学会下的“数据架构和模型”专业委员会 ,是国际数据管理协会(DAMA International )的中国分会。国际数据管理协会在世界范围内拥有40多个分会,7500余位数据管理领域的专业人士会员。国际数据管理协会凝聚了多名国际顶尖专家提出了对数据和数据管理知识体系的一个总体讨论框架,并出版了业界的权威著作“The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge”一书(简称DMBOK)。该书已由DAMA China会员翻成中文《DAMA 数据管理知识体系指南》并由清华大学出版社出版,受到了市场与业界广泛好评。DAMA China国内会员由各领域的资深数据管理专家、学者、专业人士、职业经理等自发自愿组成,目前已达数百人。在国内已多次组织了以DMBOK为框架的对数据及其管理的深度交流和研讨。COINFO 2013 - DAMA China分论坛是这个交流和研讨的一个继续。


DAMA China is a specialized group (committee) on ‘Data Architecture and Data Modeling’, registered at CIE (Chinese Institute of Electronics), and also a chapter member DAMA International, a non-profit global association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management. DAMA International has 40 plus chapters, with around 7,500 data management professionals of various specialties, around the world. A team of DAMA members as the world leading data subject matter experts has developed "The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge" (DMBOK), which defines a standard industry view of data management functions, terminology and best practices. The ‘Guide’ since has been successfully translated into Chinese by the DAMA China members and published by Tsinghua University Press with very positive feedback from enterprises and industries across. DAMA China is composed of hundreds of senior data specialists and managers at various levels, and has organized several in-depth discussion and exchange of views on the framework proposed by the Guide, and this seminar is another occasion we  can get together to discuss how the 10 underpinned subject areas, as suggested in the Guide, can work collectively to support the ‘Sharing’.


DAMA China的目标是成为国内对数据(广义的)在架构,模型,标准和管理方面进行知识交流、经验共享的一流平台、帮助理解在大数据环境下如何能较好地对来自,包括科技,企业,文献,互联网等,大量不同数据源,不同数据类型的数据进行有机结合,达到共享。业界深感目前极其需要这样一个既能能综合和又能深入研讨数据疑难问题并能与国际接轨的平台,帮助各行各业,机构企业,共同提高在大数据时代的数据管理能力。


DAMA China’s goal is to become THE first class platform on which data professionals can share and exchange their knowledge and experience on various data architectures, models, standards and management practices; and help deepen the understanding of how the data from different sources - scientific, enterprise, document, web, etc, can be more interoperable so sharable. Many of the enterprises and institutions felt and agreed the importance of such a platform for more effective and efficient discussion of the most difficult and persisting data management challenges we commonly face, and help them enhance the data management capability and maturity in the era of the big data.      


COINFO 2013 DAMA China分论坛将在20131027日在武汉举行,届时将邀请各界专家、企业与机构代表等共同研讨。DAMA China的负责人将出席主会场和分论坛并作主题发言。分论坛将环绕大会‘共享’的主题,对大数据时代数据产生、加工、使用的过程,结合金融、生物卫生、能源、电子政务、智慧城市等领域对以下5个方面展开研讨:


The COINFO 2013 DAMA China Seminar will be held in Wuhan University on October 27, 2013, and we welcome and invite you to join us for this unique and interesting Seminar. The Seminar will focus on the theme of the conference - ‘Sharing’, and will discuss the respective dynamics from data creation, manipulation to usage and sharing, the whole data life cycle, covering finance, energy, biomedical, e-gov and smart cities in the following 5 main areas:      .


1   大数据,数据科学与企业数据 - 现状和挑战;

2   数据共享 -目的,概念,方法和技术;

3   对几种不同分析数据模式的分析;

4   数据标准,数据治理与数据共享;

5   DAMA China 关于大数据时代如何共享数据的几点想法和建议。


(1)         Big data, data in sciences and enterprise data – current state and challenges;

(2)         Data sharing – purpose, concept, methodology and technologies;

(3)         Several different approaches for analytics;

(4)         Data standard, data governance and data sharing;

(5)         A few thoughts and suggestions on data sharing from DAMA China


我们期待着在COINFO 2013DAMA分论坛上与你进行交流,分享和研讨。由于时间有限和紧凑,DAMA China邀请希望在分论坛上发言或参会者请尽早与我们取得联系。联系方式:电话:021-64152514,电子邮件:yushunxu@dama.org.cn


Time has become tight and if you have any interest to present and speak at the Seminar, or simply wish to attend, please call (086) 21-6415 2514 or email yushunxu@dama.org.cn so we can reserve the podium or seat for you. We look forward to meeting you at the COINFO 2013 DAMA China Seminar!